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Are you an employer interested in improving the skills of your workforce or providing valuable work experience for the unemployed?


Staff Training

• The ApprenticeshipsNI programme provides staff under the age of 25
  with fully funded, quality work-based training.
• People 1st offers accredited and non-accredited training in various
  subjects to provide your staff with the skills they need to progress
  within your business. 
• People 1st offers a wide range of online courses, allowing you to study
  at a time and pace to suit you.



Work Experience/Placements

• Steps to Work provides participants with the opportunity to learn new skills, and gain work experience, to help them return to work or find employment for the first time.
• Training for Success is designed for school leavers and gives them the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification, as well as hands-on work experience.


Foe further information on our training services please email or contact your nearest People 1st office -