Candid Conversations

23 Feb 2021

This half day course is an opportunity to gain skills to handle difficult conversations without damaging the relationship, increasing management competency and effectiveness.
This programme aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge required to conduct challenging conversations with staff, perhaps about their behaviour, results, or actions. It will also cover how to handle demanding and testing individuals. This course will equip candidates with the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to engage with people from a productive and focused position.

This course will provide a simple overview of a framework for helping to maintain an objective and balanced position in challenging circumstances.

By the end of this programme, candidates will understand:

  • The importance of giving feedback, praising, reprimanding and how to do it
  • Developing a framework to determine what action is appropriate
  • Understanding and addressing your own and others aggressive instincts
  • Simple and straightforward methods to help conduct and run challenging conversations

Cost: £60 + VAT per person

23rd February - 9.30am - 12.30pm

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