ICQ Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

ICQ Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

Course Description

Our Retail programme is specifically designed to support school leavers deciding to pursue a career within the vibrant Retail Industry.

The course offers in-depth training and development to ensure students understand the key principles of Retail business including customer service, selling, product knowledge, and merchandising and consumer legislation.

The course also focuses on the development of communication and interpersonal skills to support student’s ability to work effectively as part of a Retail team and to enhance confidence when interacting with customers.

Work Placement is a key focus on this course with students gaining the opportunity of practical work experience at a local Retail business for 1 or 2 days per week (after 12 week induction period).  This hands-on involvement enhances student understanding of class based training allowing them to gain fundamental industry specific skills and CV references. (include link to work placement case studies)

We offer Level 1 and Level 2 options depending on student prior qualifications.

ICQ Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills(28 credits)

Understand How a Retail Business Maintains Health and Safety on Its Premises

Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector

Understanding How Individuals and Teams Contribute To the Effectiveness of a Retail Business

Understanding the Retail Selling Process

Understanding Retail Consumer Law

Understanding Security and Loss Prevention in a Retail Business


Mandatory Optional Units to be selected by Students-need list

Completion of all vocational observations in the workplace for

Holistic Assessment - on Work Effectively in Your Retail Team; Knowledge; optional units: (TBCs)


Students on the Retail Business Training for Success Programme will also complete;

ICQ Level 2 Certificate in Retail Knowledge





24 months (approx.)

* Some students eligible for an additional 12 months to complete the course depending on individual circumstances.

Fast track option available if eligible  – 12 months (approx..)

Contact a member of our Student Support Team (link) for further information.

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