OCR Level 2 Certificate in Creative iMedia

OCR Level 2 Certificate in Creative iMedia 

Course Description

IT is a core element of almost every business and the use of IT is evident in our daily lives in many other ways.  There are hundreds of different roles within a company that fall under the category of IT and creative media, , or will use IT design as a major component. Creative imedia  is an up to date qualification tailored to the needs of businesses and their staff.  It is suitable for individuals of any age who require IT design skills for employment or training. 

Our course will provide students with knowledge of creative media software skills for use in the working world.  Our tutors also focus on cultivating student awareness of the corporate use of these skills and help to enable the trainee to merge theory and practice as part of the preparation for the workplace.  The skills in this course can range from routine word processing to evidence research, to the use of powerful application packages that are available for creating and editing media products.

We offer the Creative iMedia course at Level 1 and Level 2 depending on student’s prior qualifications.


OCR Level 2 Certificate in Creative iMedia  (24  credits)

Pre-Production Skills

Comic Strip Storytelling

Interactive Multimedia Concepts

Creating a Multipage Website

Digital Graphics



24 months (approx.)

* Some students eligible for an additional 12 months to complete the course depending on individual circumstances.

Fast track option available if eligible – 12 months (approx.)

Contact a member of our Student Support Team (link) for further information


Students will be assessed  through on-line digital portfolio for IT qualifications.

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